WOW!! Endorsements

Katrina – 2018 Los Angeles – [Your Wrinkle spray is a fantastic product!]

Katrina – 2018 Los Angeles – [I bought a steamer when I could no longer find Wrinkle Spray – it burned me!  Now I can throw it away.  I love Wrinkle Spray!]

Doug E. – 2018 Dalton, GA – [I love your product (TK – Doug has ordered it for years).  If you ever go out of business – I’ll buy a lifetime supply!]

Grey S. – 2015 Arlington, VA – [I’m calling from London to order again – been traveling a great deal and want to make sure Wrinkle Spray is at my house when I return from this trip.]

Jeanne B. – 2012, 2015, 2018, Santa Barbara, CA – [I just love your product!  I’ve given it multiple person referrals to friends and family!]

Joe H. – 2011, 2016, Gary, IN – [I love Wrinkle Spray.][p.s. – I hate ironing!]

Marsha K. – Washington DC – 2014, 2016 – [Love your product!]

Richard S. – Woodbury, CT – 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2015 – [I love your product and refer it to all of my friends.  It is great when traveling!]

Mike P. – Birmingham, AL – 2014, 2015 – [My boss really loves the product – he’s asked me to order more!]

Jennifer C. – C’ville, VA – 2010 – 2016 – [Comments : LOVE ‘Wrinkle Spray’ after use on several overseas trips (I think I ordered it through ?)anyway-you have a very loyal cust- omer here, & I write to inquire about getting a/some larger sizes from which to keep the 2-oz’ers.][Thanks for getting back to me, Tom- My mailing address is listed above, so if you have a brochure or page listing the sizes/prices of the Wrinkle Spray, please send me one][Thank You !…  snail/e-mail, doesn’t matter, just need info. on sizes (other than 2 oz.)& prices of Wrinkle Spray available – & I do have a PayPal acc’t., if that helps ? Many Thanks !  Jennifer C.]

Jo Anne A. – Lancaster, PA – 2009 – 2017 – [I love your product and you have my good referrals!]