Before & After

Wrinkle Spray was designed to mimic steam.  Spray the garment with a light mist, like steam from about 10 inches.  Try not to over-saturate the fabric.  Use a clothes hanger or hold (suspend) the garment.  Then, gently ‘Shake’ the garment on the hanger.  ‘Bounce’ it.  Smooth and ‘Shape’ the garment using your fingers or by brushing the garment lightly with the back of your hand.  Imparting low lever energy helps the de-wrinkling process along.  Or, simply let the finely atomized mist ‘roll’ into the fabric and then just wait a little while.  You’ll see it work.   Spray once again lightly for missed spots or stubborn wrinkles.  Apply a vapor-like mist.  Be patient.  Apply more Wrinkle Spray to heavyweight fabrics that have more or severe wrinkles.  Waiting a little while helps – watching as Wrinkle Spray does its magic!  With just a little practice you will be amazed at how effective Wrinkle Spray is.  Wrinkle Spray also refreshes clothing and/or keeps garments fresher longer for example, allowing you to extend the use of dry cleaned garments, saving money.  Fabrics that cannot absorb moisture will not respond as well to Wrinkle Spray as moisture absorbing fabrics.

Oops – left it in the dryer!
Now that’s what I’m talkin’ about!
Wrinkle Spray – destroys wrinkles!
Wrinkle Spray – deodorizes clothes and fabrics!
Just like this!