A Green Product

In addition to process quality water, Wrinkle Spray contains very small quantities of the specialized chemicals found in cosmetics or soaps such as surfactants, proprietary odor eliminating compounds, and an acid to lower the pH of the composition to stabilize colors.  It contains the preferred cosmetic industry alcohol (which promotes drying) and a custom blended fragrance.  There are no dangerous or extraordinary ingredients in Wrinkle Spray.  It is not flammable.  Our surfactant(s) are readily bio-degradable.  Wrinkle Spray is non-toxic, and only mildly fragranced.

Each use of a hotel iron increases the owner’s liability for burns, fire, electrocution and damage by the hot device.  Each ironing episode increases energy consumption. Creating steam in the shower to de-wrinkle clothing is wasteful.  Water is dwindling.  Moisture damages the structure.  Hotels would be well served to prohibit steaming.  Rather, place Wrinkle Spray in the room or Travelers bring your own Wrinkle Spray to save water, energy, and enhance safety.