Wrinkle Spray – removes wrinkles and odors from clothing and fabrics. Great around the House! Great while Traveling!

Wrinkle Spray is the original wrinkle relaxing and fabric refreshing spray mist.  It works like steam to de-wrinkle.  Made in the US – Wrinkle Spray is also color safe and a green product.  To order visit our Store (above) or please call (480) 845-1403 or email – wrinklespray@gmail.com.

In the new century, the new millennium – home, school and workplace fashions have changed.  Starch and formal pressed, formal wear is no longer the norm.  Causal to fine apparel is now accepted for all but the most formal occasions.  Still, nobody wants wrinkles.  Patented Wrinkle Spray eliminates wrinkles and odors from fabrics.  Just spray the fine mist on a garment.  Wrinkle Spray works just like a ‘shot of cold steam.’

Wrinkle Spray was designed to mimic the de-wrinkling effect of steam – universally recognized as the premier de-wrinkling agent.  Like steam, Wrinkle Spray’s fine clear mist penetrates the fabric weave immediately and thoroughly.  Wrinkle Spray effectively de-wrinkles casual to fine clothing, protects against malodors, then quickly dries while protecting colors – all at practical, “household speeds.”   And, Wrinkle Spray’s pleasant fragrance won’t linger.  We’ve sold over 200,000 bottles!  Wrinkle Spray is a convenient, patented product that people really like.  Traveling?  Wrinkle Spray is a must-have!  Our convenient little 2 oz. Travel Size TSA approved pump can be carried aboard the airliner in your carry-on luggage.  Wrinkle Spray has a state-of-the-art wetting agent, a fragrance with mass approval, a more sophisticated buffering agent and a sophisticated drying agent.  When used as directed, Wrinkle Spray is safe and effective and will not harm the user or the natural environment.

We like to say, “Spray…Shake & Shape” for effective results.

The active ingredient in Wrinkle Spray is quality, processed, filtered (deionized) water.  Atomized, deionized water in combination with some of the most sophisticated support chemicals available in each “shot” of Wrinkle Spray is akin to a “shot of cold steam.”  The user applies micron and sub-micron sized particles of Wrinkle Spray to the fabric and therefore uses only what is required to effectively dewrinkle.  Very small concentrations of state-of-the-art chemicals work effectively and quickly to “wet-out” the fabric, dewrinkle and then evaporate.  Application on such a small but effective scale virtually eliminates residue, and causes the fabric to dry quickly.